Our School

Mountfield School was built in 1956.  It is situated on the corner of Halewood Avenue and Kirkwood Drive, North Kenton.  The school buildings are spacious and bright, and we enjoy a large field for games and other recreational activities.

We share our site with Surestart Northmoor and this provides parents in the area with excellent information, services and support for parents of children under 5.

The school has a Foundation Stage Unit, the Nursery offers 26 part time morning places. 

We also have the benefit of an independent Pre-School and Creche which runs in school.

SCHOOL HOURS (Office Hours 8.30am- 9.30am 12pm-1pm 3pm-4pm)

Please note that gates open at 8.40am.  

Children should not be on the site before this.  Doors open at 8.45am.

School starts at 8.55am.

Morning 8:55am - 12 Noon Morning 8:55am - 12 Noon
  Afternoon 1:10pm - 3:15pm
Morning 8:55am - 11.55am Morning 8:55am - 12:10pm
Afternoon 1:10pm - 3:15pm Afternoon 1:10pm - 3:15pm







Children should not be on the premises before 8.40 am.  

Doors will open at 8.45am.  School starts at 8.55am.

There should be no movement of traffic in school grounds between 8:45 and 9:15 a.m. and 3:00 – 3:30 p.m. A bollard will be in place during these times.

Pedestrians are prohibited from walking through the car park at all times.

All doors to the building are locked from 9:00 – 3:10 p.m.  Access to the school during this time is at the main entrance, where you will be required to press a button and identify yourself.


In school we use digital photographs to capture and record children at work and play.  Some of these photos will be used for school displays or on the school website.  Sometimes we are asked to use photos in newspapers or LA articles. We also have photos of the children on our school blog to celebrate their achievement. Please inform us if you do not wish your child to be photographed to be used on the blog or LA articles.  A permission note is sought on the children’s admission form.


An annual permission letter is sent to all parents seeking their permission for children to use the Internet.


If your child is absent from the school for any reason we would be grateful if you let us know by telephone or send a letter explaining the reason for absence.  On the first day of absence if we don’t hear from you we will try to contact you to establish where your child is and the reason for his/her absence. An extended absence may result in the Attendance Officer making a visit to your home.  Any absence which is not supported with a note or a phone call will be recorded as an UNAUTHORISED ABSENCE.

We cannot authorise children taking holidays inside school time except in exceptional circumstances.  These absences will be recorded as unauthorised.


Jewellery is NOT allowed to be worn in school for health and safety reasons.


These form an important part of the children’s work and normally take place within school hours.  Whenever children are out of school, safety is paramount.  Details of the visit will be provided to parents or carers and adequate levels of adult supervision are always ensured.  We ask for the same high standards of behaviour and attitude on such visits as we would at school.

Parents are asked to complete form EV1, when their child joins school. This gives permission for children to make educational visits during a school day.