Curriculum Overview

Since September 2015, we have embarked on an exciting journey towards creating a new, innovative, challenging and engaging curriculum.  We have called this the 'Immersive Curriculum' as this best describes the learning our pupils are engaged in.  
At the start of each new term, every class begins with an 'essential question' (such as, 'Are all monsters bad?'or 'What is freedom?') and a launch day to springboard the children into the project (such as visiting and interviewing the Minotaur in his maze or discovering a tornado has ripped through their classroom overnight) .
The children then embark on a series of cross curricular investigative projects to come to some answer to this question and, towards the end of the term, they showcase their work and findings in a variety of real and authentic ways (for example, a pop up museum in the local community centre, book signings at Waterstones or musical performances at our feeder secondary school). Throughout, the classes are transformed to reflect their question to give the children a fully immersive experience (such as a Victorian classroom, a forest or a theater) and lessons are then taught with the essential question in mind (such as sorting and classifying rocks that the Cyclops has lost in science, writing a diary from the perspective of a child growing up in South Africa in literacy or investigating different 4 digit numbers to unlock the pirates treasure chest in maths).
All of the learning involved in the Immersive Curriculum is rooted in the standards and requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum.  To discover more about the curriculum content that your child is following please click on  the year group's foundation, literacy and maths objectives.
If anyone would like any further information on our curriculum then we would love to talk to you about it- please contact the main office to arrange an appointment.