What is the CARE Curriculum 2.0?

CARE Curriculum 2.0  

(Creative, Active, Raising Standards, Emotional well-being)  

March 8th – 1st April 2021 


Following the most recent National Lockdown, pupils returning to school will require a carefully designed and implemented curriculum that will ensure gaps in learning are addressed and that pupil’s mental and physical well-being are prioritised.  Our CARE Curriculum 2.0 aims to do this in order that, by the beginning of the summer term, pupils are empowered and equipped to access a full, broad and balanced curriculum.


Key Priorities for the CARE Curriculum 2.0: 


  • Improving pupil’s learning habits – listening, communicating, keeping focus & attention, building resilience 
  • Identifying and recovering any ‘missed’ learning – especially in light of the pupils differing experiences of remote learning 
  • Regaining fluency in basic skills in English and maths 
  • Ensuing pupils have an opportunity to express their emotions and make positive connections with others 
  • Pupils engaged in daily exercise and activities that improve their mental and physical well-being