Year 1 Phonic Information for Parents

Our aim at Mountfield is to embed a love of reading in all our children by teaching not only the skills of reading but also the use of books for enjoyment and for learning. Books are used throughout the curriculum to enable children to experience a wide range of texts, including both fiction and non-fiction. We are also investing in some new Augmented Reality books to further inspire our young readers!


Reading is taught through a variety of approaches ranging including individual reading to full class lessons. Last year we introduced ‘Read Write Inc’ , a reading scheme that builds on children’s phonetical awareness, reading and comprehension skills, with huge success. 


Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s reading by spending just 15 minutes a day sharing a book. Home reading books are provided by the school, though children are encouraged to read their own books too. Children should keep a log of all their reading (both at home and at school) in our new Reading Diaries which also provide some useful tips for parents. Reading workshops are available to give parents support and ideas of how to help their children at home, we also have Reading Guidance leaflets available from school or to download below. 

Phonics is a comprehensive reading strategy delivered from Reception and across Key Stage 1 every day. It helps children understand how both individual letters and groups of letters link to sounds, which in turn create word. This understanding provides children with the skills to tackle new words and is the first step to learning to read. Enabling them to go on to read any text fluently and confidently as well as develop the foundations for accurate spelling and writing as they move through the school. 


Year 1 children take part in a Phonics Screening check in June. Those who do not achieve the required standard are provided with extra support throughout Year 2 and re-take the Screening Check the following year. Children who continue to need extra Phonics input in Key Stage 2 will continue to receive a systematic program, until their class teacher is confident that they can decode and understand any unfamiliar words in a variety of texts and genres.