At Mountfield Primary School we encourage all pupils to look smart and be well dressed.  It is expected that all pupils wear the full school uniform at all times.  This includes a royal blue sweatshirt, dark grey or black trousers (this does not include tracksuit bottoms or jeans)/ skirt, a white polo shirt and suitable dark school shoes.  Girls may also wear a pinafore summer dress in royal blue. 

Sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts, all with the school badge, are available from Tots to Teams and must be ordered from them via their website: totstoteams.  Please note, uniform delivery is free if sent to school rather than your home address. 

Parents are requested to ensure that their children's clothing is suitable both for the time of year and for the activities that the children are likely to follow. 

Children should be provided with suitable footwear and clothes for PE, games and other outdoor activities.