School Vision

At Mountfield Primary School we pride ourselves on offering a welcoming, friendly atmosphere with enthusiastic and motivated staff. This is achieved within a safe, pleasant, and stimulating environment. We offer an exciting learning experience using a wide range of teaching methods for all children; challenging and encouraging them to achieve the best of their abilities and reaching their highest goals.

We expect all pupils to leave Mountfield reaching their personal best in Literacy and Numeracy, to have a positive attitude, a good set of morals and a desire to learn. This is achieved through very high standards of teaching, with highly trained and dedicated staff. Teaching is planned to meet the needs of each child so that every child can learn at his or her own level and rate. Work for individual children is set at a level that is appropriate for their ability and age. The curriculum incorporates lots of creative activities with children able to express themselves through drama and other such mediums. We believe praise, encouragement and incentives bring out the best in children. Children are enthusiastic about their lessons and have fun and enjoyment.

The school encourages all staff, parents/carers and children to work together as a team, with both open and individual discussions and we welcome new ideas. We believe that parents and children should be involved in assessments, allowing time for teachers to discuss children’s work with them, enabling them to talk about their own work and achievements and to give them a desire to continue to learn both within school and outside. Pupil assessment is conducted when appropriate and may be varied to suit pupils’ abilities. Parents are kept informed about their child’s progress and are actively involved in their child’s learning.