Reading is taught in accordance with the National Curriculum; as a subject in its own right, and throughout our Project based Curriculum.

We believe it is essential that children become fluent and independent readers. We aim to teach not only the skills of reading but also the use of books for enjoyment and for learning.

Reading is embedded into all aspects of our Curriculum and is taught through a variety of approaches including one to one, guided groups session as well as whole class.  Where children are encouraged not only to read, research and comprehend but also consider the intended audience and authors intention and techniques.

We want children to have knowledge of a wide range of literature. Books and texts used in class are carefully selected and children have access to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts both in our large, well-stocked library, and as Home-Readers. 

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s reading by hearing them read regularly at home. Our Home-School reading diaries form a useful link between both home and school.  We also provide support to parents with encouraging an enjoyment of learning through information leaflets and, where possibly, group workshops.