Mathematics is taught in accordance with the National Curriculum. It is taught as a subject in its own right five times per week and is developed in other areas of the Curriculum.

Through practical, investigative and problem solving activities we would want the children to realise and appreciate mathematics as a network of concepts, relationships and skills.

Our mathematics curriculum aims to develop skills and concepts in:  number, algebra, measures, data handling, shape and space, as well as attitudes of interest, enjoyment, excitement and creativity.

Every opportunity is taken to ensure that the children use, apply and develop understanding of mathematics in practical tasks and real life problems, often through a thematic approach.

The development of divergent thinking and mental agility is pursued, together with confidence in handling calculators, computer software and appropriate mathematical tools.


From September 2018, we will be following the Maths White Rose Scheme of Work in Key Stages 1 & 2. This scheme provides a great range of activities especially when it comes to problem solving and reasoning.